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Venue Details

Social Barn Details
  • Each barn door is 106 inches wide and 96 inches tall.
  • The barn can accommodate up to 15 6’round tables with dance floor, DJ/band space, buffet tables and cake table.
  • Maximum seating capacity is 150 guests.
    The beams in the barn are 10 feet apart.

Table Details

Reception tables
  • 72” or 6’ rounds are provided and may seat 8-10 guests. 
  • Tables require 132” tablecloths.
  • Sweetheart table is 33 inches wide X 64 ½ inches long. 
  • Sweetheart settee is 41 inches long X 32 inches wide.
Cocktail tables
  • Six tables 40 inches tall x 30 inches in diameter. 
  • Tables require 120” coverings


Heating is available in the reception area, restrooms and in the kitchen. We do not have A/C in the Social Barn. There are corner mounted fans. The barn doors remain open.

Cocktail Area

  • Farm tables on the barn porch are 6-foot L X 4-foot W
  • The social barn bar is L shaped. The front side is 6-foot L X 32 inches W.
  • The shorter side is 4-foot L X 32 inches W.
  • Cocktail tables are placed on the Social Barn front porch and yard.

Rehearsal Dinner Area

  • Farm tables 79 inches L X 36 inches W
  • Catering table 6-foot L X 30 inches W 
  • Bar in the House 8 inches L X 30 inches W
  • Cocktail tables 40 inches H X 30 inches in diameter 

The rehearsal dinner area will seat 48 guests with 6 guests at each farm table.

Cocktail Area

  • Farm tables on the barn porch are 6-foot L X 4-foot W
  • The social barn bar is L shaped. The front side is 6-foot L X 32 inches W.
  • The shorter side is 4-foot L X 32 inches W.
  • Cocktail tables are placed on the Social Barn front porch and yard.

Venue Requirements

Alcohol Policy

The Willow House & Social Barn demands strict adherence to state laws regarding alcohol consumption on the property. If you choose to offer alcohol during the Event, you must understand and adhere to the following: 

  1.  Any and all liabilities arising from the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises are the responsibility of the couple. All North Carolina State Laws and Federal Laws must be adhered to at all times. 
  2.  You are responsible to obtain a Limited Special Occasion Permit for the Event when spirits/liquor is being served. Permits may be obtained at https://abc.nc.gov/Permit/SpecialPermits. You must provide a copy of this permit to The Willow House and Social Barn. 
  3.  Service requirements are as follows: 

All alcohol must be served only by the licensed bartender hired for the Event. The licensed bartender can NOT be a friend or relative of the wedding party. 

No alcohol can be served unless there is also food provided. 

Service will be closed at least 30 minutes before reception ends. 

The Willow House & Social Barn requires a minimum of one (1) bar staff person per 100 guests for beer/wine – no exceptions. Note: this is a minimum requirement; additional bar staff may be necessary to ensure adequate service levels. A minimum of two (2) licensed bartenders are required for any event where a signature cocktail(s) or mixed drinks are served.

The Willow House & Social Barn reserves the right to evict Clients and/or their guests from the property or to close the bar at any time during the Event for inappropriate behavior.

Event Liability Insurance

Client is responsible for providing proof for one million dollar insurance coverage where Miss Caroline’s LLC DBA The Willow House & Social Barn must be named on the policy as the Certificate Holder. Client is responsible for any damages to The Willow House & Social Barn Venue and property that may have been caused by the Client and/or the Client’s guests and vendors. Clients are required to adhere to the property rules and regulations and are required to ensure their guests and vendors honor them as well. The Client is ultimately responsible for any damage incurred. The Client is within his/her rights to seek redress for damage charges caused by Client’s guests and vendors. The Willow House and Social Barn will not involve itself in these efforts. 

The Willow House & Social Barn Manager will use reasonable best efforts to report any damages or loss of property to the Client on the day of the Event, however, some things may not be noticed until after the Event ends. The Willow House & Social Barn reserves the right to make a thorough inspection of the property and identify/assess damages prior to the next scheduled Event or within ten (10) business days of the Event whichever is shorter. 

If damage has occurred, The Willow House & Social Barn will provide an itemized list to the Client and The Willow House & Social Barn will charge the damage amount to the Client’s credit card that was held on file for such purpose. Note: The Willow House & Social Barn staff will make reasonable best efforts to repair damage charging only for labor. Should, however, the damage be extensive, Client will be responsible for replacement costs.

Frequently asked questions for brides

If my bartender is licensed do we still have to have a Limited Special Occasion permit? 

Yes. The Willow House and NC Law requires a one day event permit.  Your licensed bartender may assist you in this process.  However, this permit should be issued in your name.

A permit is not required to serve beer and wine served by a licensed bartender.

Who decorates the outdoor areas on our wedding day? 

Your day of coordinator will take care of those details.  Design plans will be discussed. Ceremony chairs and decor will be placed the morning of your wedding.  

Are we responsible for putting the games out in the yard? 

No, your day of coordinator will take care of these as well! 

Are we able to come to the property for more than our tour and 30 days out meeting? 

Unfortunately, we only allow two visits. Please include everyone involved in planning decisions in your tour and final planning meeting.  We will be happy to answers any questions by phone, email or video session. 


Catering Resources

  • Caterers are required to pre-bus guest tables, clean the kitchen area and check with a Willow House staff member before leaving. 
  • Our kitchen is a prep kitchen with a commercial refrigerator, warmer, ice machine and 2 full size sinks. We do not have a commercial kitchen on the venue property.  Due to state sanitation regulations, no food may be prepared on site and served. Any leftovers will need to be placed in to-go containers and placed in the refrigerator. If you and your team are new to The Willow House property and would like to tour our venue, please contact us for an appointment.

Bakery Resources

  • Our day of coordinator will be glad to show you where to place cakes/desserts. 
  • Please place all to-go boxes in the kitchen of the Social Barn. Upon drop off, please inform the day of coordinator what display items need to be picked up.  These will be left in our prep kitchen.
  • Cake/dessert table is normally arranged in the barn across from the DJ setup. Should this change, the day of coordinator will send instructions.

DJ Resources

Ceremony set up

We normally have DJ’s setup on the Willow House porch for the ceremony. You may decide on  speaker placement.  There are several electric outlets on the porch.

Reception setup 

The DJ area of the barn provides multiple electric outlets. For cocktail hour, we ask that you put one speaker on the porch of the barn and then move once the doors are opened.

Floral Design Resources 

  • Barrel size: 20 inches in diameter for usable space
  • We ask that all floral designers contact our day of coordinator to consider photo timeline. All floral design must be completed as least one hour prior to ceremony time.
  • If a client is unhappy with the florals, we ask that the florist accommodate the clients request to the best of their ability.

Bartender Resources

  • Please arrive early to ensure setup is complete prior to ceremony time.  We have 2 coolers available for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. 
  • If there are 100 or more guests at any event, we ask that there be 2 bartenders. This is a venue requirement. 
  • If kegs are being used, we recommend that they be brought the night before/early morning of event day and placed on ice to settle before the event. 
  • We ask that all bartenders keep an eye on guests that might be over drinking. We know that’s your job.  However, some “over drinkers” can slip under the radar.  Please don’t be offended if we bring your attention to a questionable guest. 
  • There are trash cans provided behind the bar for cans and bottles. If a bag looks like it’s going to be heavy, please tie that bag and use another. 
  • Once the bar closes, bartenders are asked that all leftover drinks are boxed and placed in the prep kitchen, bar is clean and to check with Willow House staff before leaving the property.

All Vendors

Vendor Unloading/Parking

We ask that you not drive on our grass to unload.  We really try to keep the grassy areas nice for our wedding couple.  Please use the gravel access drive beside the barn to load/unload.  You may then move your vehicle to the parking area behind the barn. 

Alcohol Consumption by Vendors

We ask that all of our vendors not consume alcohol while conducting a service for a client at the Willow House.

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